Savage Sprint

So, what can you expect?

This event is suitable for recruiters and recruitment owners alike, as Greg and Chris deliver over 100 tips and tricks designed to help you increase billings, network more effectively and improve candidate management.  Here's a sample of what will be covered:


  • Use 'change intelligence’ to be a modern recruiter?
  • 10 habits to help you stay ahead of the competition
  • Candidate seduction in a market short of skills
  • Ways to improve your ˆSeduction Conversation Rate’
  • Social and digital sourcing
  • How to find candidates that others can't on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and more
  • 10 people skills that turn you from a ˆtransactor’ to a consultant
  • Modern use of the oldest tool (the phone!)
  • The simple 7-point candidate care plan you CAN follow
  • 10 tactics to build a digital brand that drives revenue
  • Branding masterclass for LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Modern business development that is fun, AND works
  • The magic of building “Brand You”
  • Winning clients without cold-calling
  • “Social selling” and why you must master it.
  • “Recruiter Equity and the crucial skill of “influence”
  • 10 tactics to influence candidate and client outcomes when they're critical
  • Selling exclusivity and the magic of a qualified job order
  • 4 candidate interview essentials that most recruiters do not know
  • How to turbo charging your efficiency
  • 10 habits of high performers
  • The Savage candidate sourcing masterclass
  • Diving into the DNA of the modern recruiter